Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for my mom! It's her birthday today so of course I have to pay a special tribute to her. Especially because she's magical. She turned 29 today for the 25th year in a row! Those are some pretty amazing powers if you ask me. :) I think she was more excited by the fact that I went to Institute last night than by the actual present I got her (in my defense, she's the one always complaining about what a piece of c-r-a-p [yes, you have to spell it out] her can opener is. I was just trying to be practical in these hard economic times; besides, if the world came to an end tomorrow, she'd be out of luck when it came to all of her CANNED food storage!) Love you, mom!


Kim said...

Oops, 29 plus 24 this year. Please don't age me quicker than it is happening. :o) Love you too!

Shannon (and Ross) said...

I absolutely love your gift reasoning. It's so true, though!!! And it certainly is magic to be 29 all those years!