Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This was the only picture of food that I took before everyone started eating. That's a hat with a shamrock, in case you were wondering. :) They were the most delicious mint brownies. Yummy!
The festive windsock that graced the front porch for the week or so leading up to St. Patrick's Day.
You can't really tell, but I had a shamrock bear hanging in the living room window. This was the best picture I could get.
The front door. I'm pretty sure this embarrassed my mom the entire time it was up, but who cares?! You can never have too many decorations for the big day!
I had to find some way to display my bag, so I hung it from the rocking chair.
Yes, technically, this is a Christmas decoration, but the snowman was so festive with his pot of gold. Since the Christmas tree was long gone, he was hung from the lamp in the kitchen.
The hutch in the kitchen. And I would just like to point out that I got the 2 waterglobes when I was in Ireland. You don't get anymore Irish than that!
The table in all its glory. Even the candles have gold shamrocks on them. My mom and I bought the tablecloth at Target the day before. It was already on sale. How rude!
Speaking of Target... while we were there, we looked through the St. Patrick's Day cards. There was one that was so priceless my mom had to buy it. It's for someone who has their birthday on St. Paddy's Day. On the front it says, "For your birthday, I baked you a special corned beef and cabbage cake." When you open it, it says, "It blows it own candles out." Hilarious.

So I'm a week late in posting these pictures, but since St. Patrick's Day is my favorite holiday, I figured better late than never. :)

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Shannon said...

Love the hat on the hutch. I have so many of those same decorations!