Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I missed posting last week so this is what I was going to write...

I'm grateful that both of my parents still have their jobs. In today's economy, people are losing jobs left and right. What made me think of this was when my mom and I went to the pound. So many of the animals (excluding the pit bulls... don't get me started on that...) were over a year old. Yes, the kittens and puppies get adopted before the dogs and cats but some of these animals were 5 years old. Neutered. One cat was even declawed. So you know that at some point these animals were loved and taken care of. My mom pointed out that a lot of these animals probably belonged to families who lost their homes and had to move into apartments. Most apartments don't allow pets or if they do, they charge a ridiculous monthly fee for the pet in addition to the rent someone is already paying. The saddest case was the 5 year old mastiff named Holly. Her eyes broke my heart. So....... I'm grateful that my parents have good jobs, have been able to keep their house and our dog (even if she's a pain in the butt sometimes and poops on the floor). And that we've been able to adopt 2 cats.

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Shannon (and Ross) said...

Too bad it isn't true anymore. :(