Saturday, February 2, 2008

The kitchen! I'm so in love with it! It's just so beautiful and sleek!

And here's my baby! We fell in love yesterday. I played for almost 2 hours straight! It was so wonderful and stress relieving. I should have bought him before. Mom, I'll be calling to get you to send some music from home :)


Kim said...

Beautiful piano! Let me know about the music. Hurry and clean your bedroom so I can see how cute it is!


Courtney said...

Your kitchen is fabulous... and the piano too!!! What a great house. And, I LOVE your picture!

Shannon and Ross said...

WAY CUTE kitchen. Although it lacks some counter space. But I guess the "sleekness" makes up for it. :)

I'm jell-ass of your piano. I'm too lazy and scared of people listening to me to play the baby grand "upstairs." Plus it's out of tune. I want mommy's baldwin.