Thursday, February 28, 2008

I now present...

My mom has been begging me for months to post pictures of my room. She visited me in October, just after I moved into the house. However, not long after that, I decided my room needed a makeover. So for under $100, my room looks brand new and I love it! The colors are black and white. I'm lucky that the walls in my room were already painted grey so everything fits together so nicely! :)
Here is a view of the bookshelf I bought at Big Lots. It was on sale for $25. It has more shelves than the bookshelf I had before so I can actually fit all my books on it and then some.

And here's my bed with the new bedding. I bought it at Ikea (love that store!) for $30. The comforter is actually just a quilt cover and for $40 more, I can buy the quilt that was made for it, but for now I'll stick to putting my old comforter in it instead. As for the curtains, I bought that fabric during Halloween so it's way cheap cotume fabric. For the fabric and the 2 curtain rods, I spend about $25. (Yes, mom, I do open the curtains to let in the sun light :) )

This dresser is new to me, but it actually belonged to one of my roommates. I hang up the majority of my clothes so I didn't really need the big dresser I had. As for my roommate, she has started using shelves on her bookshelf to keep her clothes. So, we traded dressers. It was actually a cream color that I painted white. The paint cost about $5 at Wal-Mart. And yes, my bedroom is right off the living room. The brown door seen in the pictures of the living room is the door to my room.

If I did my calculations right (which I probably didn't), I spent around $85 to give my room a makeover. And I think it's just perfect!


Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute! It will be hard to graduate and leave such a terrific domicile! Most starving college kids don't live so well! Glad you are happy!


Shannon and Ross said...

Cute room. Not surprised to see a huge poster of Josh on the wall. :)