Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I can't sleep...

I'm usually in bed by now. I work at 6 in the morning and I like to get as much sleep as possible. But for some reason, the past few nights, sleep has been impossible to come by. I toss and turn. I read. I play games on my phone. Then I toss and turn some mose. Then when I finally get to that deep sleep where you get to dream, my alarm goes off. I just don't get it. Nothing has changed dramatically in my life. School is the same. Work is the same. Family is the same. Friends are the same. Not to say that my life is the same day after day. But nothing extremely unusual has happened. Maybe it's the piano. That's been the only big change in my life. But shouldn't that be for the better? I like to play when I'm stressed or I need a break from homework. So I doubt it's the piano. And it can't be the flat tire I got yesterday. The lack of sleeping thing started before that. Oh yeah. The flat tire thing. Things were going too well in my life (besides the whole sleep thing). Something like a flat tire had to happen, right? And what good is AAA when they can't come change your flat for 3 hours! For the record, I know how to change a tire. My daddy taught me well. But this particular tire had been flat before and I'm pretty sure that when it was fixed, the mechanics used an air gun, or whatever it is called, to put the lug nuts back on. I could not get those things to budge! Luckily, I'm in a totally fabulous ward and a guy from it came to change my tire for me . :) Anyway, back to not sleeping... if anyone knows of any secrets that will help me get to sleep so I'm not wishing every minute of everyday that I'm not at home that I could be so I could just fall into my bed, let me know. Thanks. And good night! :)

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Kim said...

You can buy Melatonin over the counter in the vitamin section. It's a sleep aid that your body naturally produces. That or a warm glass of milk or a VERY boring book! :o)