Monday, May 7, 2007

the yankees fan

We all know I'm a huge Braves fan. I also really like the Red Sox. But there is one team I truly loathe and that is the New York Yankees.

On my car, I have a license plate frame for the Atlanta Braves. On Friday afternoon, my roommate and I decided to go see The Invisible (great idea, OK movie, terrible dialog!). As we are waiting to turn onto the street where the theater is located, the guy in the car next to us gets our attention. Kim rolls down her window and the guy asks, "Are you really a Braves fan?" My first thought is, "No, I just like to make people think that I am by putting a Braves license plate frame on my car," but I respond nicely with, "I'm a huge fan!" Then the terrible, most horrible words that can ever be spoken came out of his mouth. "That's not all that bad, but the Yankees are better!" I think my heart skipped a beat and I got a huge knot in my stomach. It was a good thing the light turned green at that moment. As I turned, I started listing off a string of reasons why no one should like the Yankees. They have a ridiculous dress code. They spend millions of dollars for a losing team. They're the only team to ever be up 3-0 in post season to not go to the next round. They made Johnny Damon cut his hair (but that's what he gets for leaving the Red Sox... traitor!). As I'm listing all these things, one thing keeps coming to me. The guy that was in the car next to me must have a crush on Derek Jeter!

In other news, I have found where I'm going to
live! Hopefully the link works... if not I'll be moving in just a couple of weeks and I can post my own pictures :) I'll be living in the 3 bedroom with 3 other girls. I'll be sharing the master bedroom with one of the girls. Great thing is we each get our own closet! There's a pool and an exercise room. The thing I'm most excited about is the washer and dryer! No more laundromats!


Kim said...

Between the surroundings of Shannon's little house and this nice apartment you are moving in to, daddy and I feel like we're living in the ghetto now! :o)


Shannon and Ross said...

I just now noticed that picture was taken at Provo Care! :)

I'm glad you found a place to live. Mom sounds like she's really happy about it, too. And yes, Shiloh Way is starting to seem like the ghetto. I live in a mosquito infested paradise (but besides the mosquitoes, it is quite paradise-like) and you get a pool. :)