Monday, May 14, 2007


I just checked my grades...

Spanish - A
History - B
Nutrition - A-
Production Lab - A
Stage Management - A

Go me!


mom said...

You smarty pants. Just the grades you were expecting to get. I'm so proud of you!


Shannon and Ross said...

Yea, Sister! You are a smarty pants! You obviously didn't get your college study habits from me. :)

Shannon and Ross said...

Hey, how come I can't put a comment on your "about me" stuff?!? How Rude. I wanted to say:

I thought Golden Grahams was your favorite cereal. :) It was for a long time!

Singing IS a talent- you're good at it.

Your smile, though I know for whatever reason you don't like it, is great!

And I like you a whole bunch, too! :)