Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Disney Movies

Every now and then, my sister lists 10 reasons why she is happy. I decided to list my 10 favorite Disney movies (cartoons only) because they make me happy :)

The Little Mermaid. Definitely my favorite. I watched it on Monday and it brought a smile to my face!

Beauty and the Beast. Lots of fun and I really like the songs.

Aladdin. The movie that made me want a pet tiger. I guess my cat Max will have to do for now! And I love listening to Lea Salonga sing.

Peter Pan. I love Tinkerbell and I wish I could fly!

The Emperor's New Groove. It always makes me laugh... even if I'm just thinking about it.

Cinderella. My mom used to jokingly call me Cinderella because I was always cleaning something.

Sleeping Beauty. Fold in eggs *crunch*

The Lion King. Jeremy Irons has the perfect voice for a villain and I just love Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.

Mulan. Again, I love listening to Lea Salonga sing!

Robin Hood. My sister and I used to watch it on Sundays so when the Sheriff of Nottingham said, "It ain't Sunday you know," we could say, "Yes it is!"


Shannon and Ross said...

One Tisp!

I almost stole your idea, but my list would probably look quite similar. Although I would add to Robin Hood that we also ate my boxed macaroni and cheese delicacy while watching it on Sundays. :)

Kim said...

Little Mermaid is at the top of the list even though I bleached your yellow Little Mermaid underwear? You'll never let me live that down. How long has it been? About 17 years?


Anonymous said...

hey i love lea salonga too.. but i like her pop music and broadway.