Friday, September 26, 2008

Why actors should stick to acting...

And stay away from making statements about politics. Awhile back I read a quote from an actor about John McCain's choice to have Sarah Palin as his running mate. This isn't about whether or not you like her as a person, as a politician, or both. This about what an Oscar winning actor said about her. First, he went off about how she's like a bad Disney movie; the hockey mom from Alaska steps in and makes a difference. Or whatever it was he said. This was the part that got me. He said he felt like McCain chose her for... brace yourselves... "political purposes." What's that you say? A politician chose another politician as his running mate for political purposes? How dare he? What was he thinking? I know I would definitely choose my running mate because I thought he had pretty eyes or she had a nice smile or maybe his dog was extra friendly towards me and my kids, but definitely NOT for political purposes. Seriously, how ignorant can one person be?

On another note relating to Sarah Palin and all the bad press she's getting. Again, I'm not saying one way or another what I think about her. This is just me reacting to the idiots in the press. Sorry for using that word, but there's not a better one that is coming to my mind. Someone said that if she can't control her family, how can she control a country? Does no one remember that not long after Bush took office, both of his underage daughters were caught drinking? Yet, less than 4 years later he was reelected for another term in office? I know I remember but I never thought less of Bush. And I don't think any less of Palin and her family's choices. Maybe her husband has a DUI but she didn't force him to drink and she didn't force him to drive. As far as her 17 year old daughter being pregnant... I know lots of girls that could have been pregnant at that age and some that were. There were even rumors that my high school was going to open a nursery so the drop out rate would be lower. I myself made lots of stupid decisions at that age but does that mean my parents were bad parents? Of course not! My parents are awesome! But at 17, teenagers make their own decisions and there's not really much their parents can do about it. If you're anything like me at that age, the more your parents tried to control you, the more you wanted to rebel. Maybe Bristol was a lot like me at that age. With that said, did the press ever stop to think, "Wait a minute, Obama was born to a teen mother. Should we insult her like we're insulting Sarah and Bristol?" No. No one ever did. And the real shame of it is that I never heard anyone from the Obama campaign speak up on this issue. Shame on them. And shame on the press. And shame on the people who think Palin should have aborted her baby when she found out he had downs syndrome.

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