Friday, September 26, 2008

Why teachers make me laugh

I've survived the first month of school! And if I make it through the next 2 weeks, it will all be downhill! So far, I've had three very memorable moments.

The first one came during my Crusades class. First of all, I think my professor is awesome! He has a fun personality and he's from Germany so he has a fun accent. Accents always make me happy. Anyway, one day he was talking about one of the leaders during the first Crusade. I don't remember which one but I know it wasn't Godfrey of Bouillon because he would have been too young. So he was saying how this one leader was really old for the time because he was around 60 years old. Then he made some comment about how these days when you're 60, "you're like a spring chicken. Just look at me!" It made my day.

Another one came during an education class. And this was when I found out my professor is definitely Mormon. At the U, it’s a toss up whether a professor is LDS while at BYU it was pretty much a given at Georgia State, none of them were. So this one day, my professor was going off about something he didn't agree with in education. I'm pretty sure he was going off about how high school teachers care too much about facts and dates and not enough about concepts and reasoning. And to wrap up his rant he concluded with, "And that brothers and sisters..." I'm not sure what he said after that because I was too busy trying to suppress my giggles along with the majority of the class.

And my final memorable moment happened just last week in my Classical Greece class. My professor isn't the best but he's passionate about the subject and always knows answers to any and all questions relating to Ancient Greece, no matter how obscure. But sometimes, I find it hard to pay attention to his lectures and I'll start doodling or reading for another class. But this particular day was quite interesting. He was focusing on Sparta and talked about things like the Trojan War and the 300 Spartan soldiers. But the best part came during his PowerPoint slides. He usually has maps, artwork, and pictures of ruins. This day, there was a picture of Gerard Butler as King Leonidas in 300, with a caption reading. "WE ARE SPARTA!!!" It made me so very happy. :)

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Shannon (and Ross) said...

You make me miss college! Some professors make life fun.