Sunday, August 17, 2008

Harry Potter vs. Twilight

I know I'm probably going to make some people angry because the majority of the people who read my blog are obsessed with Twilight but I need to vent...

First and foremost... Cedric Diggory DID NOT become Edward Cullen. If I see one more flair on facebook or one more thread on IMDb about that, I'm going to scream! Robert Pattinson, who plays both characters, happened to be cast in the 2 roles. That's it. End of story. (Although I'm all about the "Accio Edward Cullen" flair... it makes me giggle)

Second, Stephenie Meyer is not the new J.K. Rowling. She has said it herself. Harry Potter appeals to a much larger audience than Twilight. And let's be honest, for those of us who have read all 7 Harry Potter books and all 4 Twilight books, we know that Rowling is the better writer. Whether you like Twilight or Harry Potter better, you can't deny that fact. The Potter books are so well written while the Twilight books leave me wondering if they were even edited at parts.

Third, I know moving the release date of the sixth Harry Potter movie had nothing to do with Twilight's release date. But I think the fact that Twilight being moved to when Harry Potter was supposed to be released has a lot of people wondering. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was supposed to be released November 21, 2008 but has been moved back to July 17, 2009. Twilight was set to be released December 12, 2008 but has been moved forward to November 21, 2008. I'll be honest, I'm not happy about it.

With all that said, I really wish all the Twilight/Harry Potter comparisons would stop. Yes, they're both fantasy books about fictional worlds, but they are completely different! Twilight is mainly a love story while Harry Potter is a good vs evil story.

I love Twilight but Harry Potter will always be my favorite.

PS Facebook flair is basically little circles with pictures and writing on them. People make them so they have just about anything on them.

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Shannon said...

I agree firmly- JK is a MUCH better writer, though I think Stephenie does do a great job (other than the blabbery parts we discussed). If we're gonna compare Twlight and HP, why not compare HP with Charlie Bones (a childrens series with kids with powers) and other such books. They're all fantasy, all interesting, all good reads. It never would have started if it weren't for Cedric/Edward. I concur. Get over it, folks.