Wednesday, August 6, 2008


If you don't know what ChaCha is, you're missing out! You can go to their website,, call them at 1-800-2ChaCha or you can text them at ChaCha (242242). You can ask them anything you want. Like the night of the Breaking Dawn party, we asked them whether they were Team Edward or Team Jacob. And since real people answer your questions, you get real answers, not something from a computer. Anyway... I decided to be a guide for them because I waste enough time on the internet looking up pointless information so I figured, why not get paid for it? I did the initial test where I had to answer 10 questions and I found out some really interesting, yet pointless things, like a Chinese Checkerboard has 121 holes and Georgetown was the runner up in the 1985 NCAA basketball championship. And did you know that Brazil has the most World Cup championships? Just imagine all the useless information I'm going to fill my head with... I find it exciting!

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