Monday, August 4, 2008

I need to live under a rock...

So the past couple of weeks have been ok for me. They haven't been fantastic, but they've been easy enough to live through. But unfortunately things keep going wrong in my friends' lives. Here's a rundown of just a few things that have been happening to my friends... one had her car repossessed because she couldn't make payments on it so now she's out a car. Another friend is having surgery on her foot because her ligaments didn't heal right after a sprain. Last Sunday the basement in the house I'm living in flooded (my part of the basement was untouched... Rebekah had to move upstairs because it was mostly in her room. Half of Andrea's room was flooded but she was able to stay). Another friend was supposed to get married the end of the month but she and her fiance broke things off. And just today Skip Caray (an announcer for the Atlanta Braves) died and another friend's car wouldn't start when the steering wheel locked, locking the ignition. Do yourselves a favor and avoid me like the plague!

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