Tuesday, June 17, 2008

RIP Cedric

It was a year ago today that I said goodbye to Cedric the Civic. Here he is at the tow lot. I loved Cedric. I still love Cedric. If I had the money, I would go buy a new Cedric tomorrow (but in stead I'm stuck with Tonks the Toyota). But I don't think anything will ever be able to replace Cedric. He was so loyal, yet gave me so many problems. There was the break in where my registration and insurance cards were stolen (and the lucky thieves also got away with a portable CD player, cell phone and iPod chargers and Il Divo's Christmas CD). Then there was the time I was getting ready to leave for work and the back passenger tire was gone, rim, lug nuts, everything. There was also the time that the battery died and I had to call AAA. I just wanted a jump, but with the tests the guy did, even my dad agreed it was time for a new battery. And then there was the accident. That gave me this bruise on my knee. I still have a weird bump on my knee that wasn't there before the accident. But I deal because I loved Cedric (and it doesn't hurt unless I hit it wrong... which is a daily thing with me...).

So a year ago today, Cedric went to the big car graveyard in the sky where he will forever be missed.

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Shannon (and Ross) said...

Poor dear Cedric. I miss him, too. Although no a/c wasn't real cool. No pun intended.