Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gas Prices

I know we all hate the rising gas prices, yet we still all pay a ridiculous amount because most of us don't really have a choice. Public transportation only helps out so much (but for that little bit I'm very grateful). What really got me going the other day was an article in the newspaper.

From the time I left for Georgia to the time I was heading back to Salt Lake, the airlines changed their policy from 2 checked bags to 1. Any more than that, you had to pay. Recently, one carrier started charging for the first bag. Don't the airlines know that you really can't go on vacation without at least one bag?

But that's not what got me. This is what got me. Airlines are considering charging passengers by their weight. You read that right. The opening of the article stuck with me. "Imagine checking in for your flight. There's 2 scales, one for your baggage. The other for you." Even if every person in the world was at a healthy body weight, this isn't fair because tall people would weigh more at their healthy weight. People with children that they are going to share their seats with would then have to pay extra for them. It's things like this that really get to me.

I realize that the economy is going down the crapper, but really? Isn't is about time that the government started to do something about this? People are now spending an average of 20% of their income on gas. 20%! That's ridiculous! But then I'm reminded of the congresswoman who is suing the government for more money because she can't live on $176,000 a year. Obviously the congress has more important matters at hand...

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