Tuesday, October 16, 2007

stupid people

We are all entitled to the occasional "blonde moment" but sometimes, people just do something so stupid that I have to categorize them as stupid people. I was going to try and be creative and so some sort of "Here's your sign" thing that Bill Engvall does but my creativce juices just aren't flowing today. So here are my stupid people...

1. Yesterday I went to get an oil change. The mileage on my car was 129,525. My next recommended oil change was for 128, 525 miles. No, that is not a typo. That's what the sticker in my window says. My friend suggested that I drive backwards to my next oil change to see if that helps. I told my mom I was going to roll back the odometer and hope I don't get caught! Seriously, how stupid can you be?

2. Today at work, I'm listening to the radio while I'm making beds. I hear that the police are still on the look out for a convicted killer. My first thought was "Oh great, someone else has escaped. Last time that happened, the 2 guys were featured on America's Most Wanted the night they were captured." But then the story continued. The guy was RELEASED, as in he walked freely out of the jail he was in. Why, you ask. A PAPER WORK ERROR!!!!! The guy is in jail on 2 armed robbery charges and one murder charge. Do the paper work people not triple, even quadruple, check these things? Seriously, how stupid can you be?


Shannon said...

Yes, people are STUPID! I hate our justice system. Gotta love how our taxes are keeping criminals happy.

Anonymous said...

Good post.