Monday, October 15, 2007

It's been FOREVER!!!

I didn't have a single post in August or September and I apologize. My only internet access was my roommates computer or the campus computers. But my time on both were very limited. But as of today, I have a functioning computer and wireless internet so you can start counting on updates more frequently :)

Anyway, I have recently moved into a house with my 4 roommates. We love it! It was built in 1945 to help with all the soldiers returning from the war. The upstairs is all hardwood floors except for the bathroom and kitchen which are tiled. My room is off the living room. There is one other bedroom upstairs. Downstairs is carpeted. There is one bedroom and a huge room which would probably be a family/rec room if other people lived here. But we turned it into 2 bedrooms. There is 2 storage closets downstairs along with another full bathroom and a laundry room. All the walls are painted different colors (the upstairs is mostly grey). I'll take some pictures once we finish getting everything unpacked (we've only been here 2 weeks) and post them.

In case you're wondering, after my contract was up at Mountain Shadows in June, I moved into another apartment with my current roommates. The apartments looked so nice online! And the model apartments we were shown were beautiful. But then we got up to the 4th floor (where we lived) and it was disgusting! We literally felt like we were living in a roach motel. The only good thing about the apartment was the high ceilings (but then it made it hard to change light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries). Needless to say, we all wanted out. We talked with management and were able to get out of our contract. We began looking for places to live and found our current house on craigslist. We love it so much! And we're all decorated for Halloween! :)

Other than that, my life has just been school and work, work and school. I was in another car accident, but the damage was very minor, a cracked tail light and some paint transfer. That reminds me! But I'll save it for a different post. I need to share my story about the crazy psycho man from my previous apartment complex. That and my fall break this past week when my mom flew into Salt Lake then we drove to Oregon to see my sister and brother-in-law!


Shannon said...

Thithter! You definitely need to write about the psycho from your apt. complex. He was nuts.

And I want to see pics of your house, so hop to it!

Shannon said...

Oh, and it would be kind of you to put me as a link on your blog. Since you're on mine. And people think I'm cool. At least I'd like to think they do. "If only everyone were as perfect as me." :)