Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My family!!!

My family all arrived in Salt Lake on my birthday! It was a great birthday present even if they were here for my cousins wedding. My mom, my sister, aunts Heather and Kerry, and cousin Courtney were here. Niki was here too but she lives in Orem so she didn't have far to travel. So here we all are!

Courtney, Niki, Shannon, and MeDavid and Heatherback row: Kerry, mom, Kelly (David and Courtney's aunt on their dad's side)

front row: Niki, Shannon, David, me, and Courtney

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Anonymous said...

'bout time you updated your blog. :o) Nice pictures. It sure was a fun few days wasn't it? Another 10 years....wouldn't it be funny if it was 10 months?!