Sunday, December 7, 2008

Appearantly I'm funding hate...

One of my favorite websites is Tonight, I found this article and found that by being in Utah, I'm funding hate. Is anyone else incredibly SICK!!!! of the ignorance surrounding the Mormon church and its involvement with Prop 8? I know I sure as heck am... I mean, half the people in my phone are gay. Half the people I work with are gay. I have 2 gay cousins. Even my landlord is gay! I listen to gay singers. I own movies with gay actors. I watch TV shows with gay actors. But because I'm Mormon and I live in Utah, I fund hate. Guess I better tell my landlord I'm moving out because I no longer want to fund "the hate" I feel towards his lifestyle... Oh, and can someone please explain the connection between Sundance and Prop 8? Because I'm pretty sure Robert Redford isn't Mormon and that Sundance didn't encourage California voters to vote for Prop 8.

Film Stars And Fans Urged To Boycott Sundance Over Proposition 8 Connection

Gay rights campaigners are asking Hollywood stars and film fans to boycott next year's Sundance Film Festival in Utah, accusing one of the event's backers of supporting California's gay marriage ban.

According to political activist
John Aravosis, Cinemark Theaters boss Alan Stock - a Mormon who owns a number of Sundance venues - made a personal $9,900 (GBP6,600) donation to support Proposition 8, which was passed last month, outlawing same-sex unions in the Golden State.

A representative for the Sundance Institute has defended the festival - which was founded by
Robert Redford - insisting all the movies screened at Cinemark Theaters are available at other cinemas.

But editor Aravosis is dissatisfied, telling the New York Daily News, "If you go to Utah, you're funding hate.

"Just moving movies around is not enough. Money from this festival is funneled directly to the Mormon Church and to a supporter of Proposition 8. Sunshine should simply say they won't screen films in a hate theatre."

A Sundance Institute spokesperson says, "(The festival) has a long history and in fact was founded on the idea of championing diversity. It is our hope that people will embrace the festival for its commitment to diversity, not avoid it."

Sundance will take place between 15 and 25 January 2009 in Park City, Utah.

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Shannon (and Ross) said...

Robert Redford isn't Mormon?!? Just kidding. "Money from this festival is funneled directly to the Mormon Church": so ignorant and lame. I'm pretty sure the money from the festival goes into RR's hands and whatever he feels like doing with it.