Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why I Hate Politics

I'm so over Prop 8. First of all, California wasn't the only state to have a "Prop 8." Florida and Arizona also had similar votes and passed legislation to ban gay marriage. Where's the press on that? The Mormon Church wasn't the only church to support Prop 8. The Adventist Church and the Catholic Church also supported Prop 8. Where's the press on that? I don't get offended easily at all. I've always believed that people who get easily offended do so because they are immature and/or lack confidence. I guess I'm not really offended, just annoyed at the total lack of ignorance that surrounds the beliefs of the Mormon Church.

What brought this about was a post a friend had on his website. It was a link to comments made on a news article about the demonstrators in Salt Lake. (I do have to say that one comment made me laugh right out loud - "Let the gays get married and be miserable like the rest of us.") Some of the comments were so ignorant. Especially "Why did the Morman Church spend so much money trying to pass Prop. 8? Who gains? Gay marriage does nothing to threaten heterosexual marriage. Polygamy does much more to threaten it. Polygamy has been a part of the Morman Church for a long time as has having under-age girls marry. Talk about threatening traditional marriage!" Seriously?! Do your research! That's the FLDS Church, not the Mormon Church. Yes, polygamy was practiced at one point, but it hasn't been practiced in well over 100 years. And as for marrying under-age girls? That has never been practiced.


Kim said...

We need to educate people that the Mormon Church did NOT donate money to Prop 8, it was members of the
Church. And the leadership of the Church encouraged folks to get involved because it was a moral issue not a political one. Those that want tolerance are the least tolerate of all.


Shannon (and Ross) said...

I love (ahem, loathe) ignorant people.

But speaking of underage marriage... a girl in my ward here got married in the temple months before turning 18. Sickening.