Monday, April 7, 2008


I'm so excited that baseball season is here! Everyone knows I love the Braves. I just can't help myself. And I also follow the Red Sox. And the Yankees, but only to make sure things aren't going well for them. I still haven't decided who I hate more, the Yankees or Barry Bonds. It's such a close call. Anyway... I can't wait to go home next month and go to a game. There's just something about the atmosphere at Turner Field that I love. It really makes me feel like I'm home. I'm still adjusting to not having Andruw Jones in centerfield. He's always been there! Yes, he's really sucked behind the plate the past few seasons, but it doesn't change the fact that he's one of the best centerfielders that baseball has ever seen. Moving on... even though both of my teams have a losing record as of right now (3-4 for both), the season just started and I'm looking foward to the post season for both the Braves and the Red Sox.

Oh, and a side note. I saw Joe Torre (former Yankees manager) on Jay Leno. I knew he was recruited by and played for the Braves, but because he managed the Yankees for so long, I had to hate him. But he said on Jay Leno that growing up, he hated the Yankees! How great is that?! I really should have been more forgiving before that statement of his management position seeing that Bobby Cox (the Braves manager) used to play for the Yankees. But then again, I love being a fan of the team with the most ejected manager in major league history! :)

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