Monday, April 30, 2007

Finals Week

I was having fun reading my sister's blog then remembered that I started one when my parents were out here. So I decided it was time for an update, although, there isn't much to share. Finals are this week so I'm stressing out a little bit. But once they're over, I'll have a pretty relaxing summer. I'll be working full time and taking a couple of classes. I have three finals to take this week. Tomorrow morning I have my American Revolution final, which will probably be my hardest one. I love history but my professor is very specific in what he wants, but I'm thinking I'll still be able to pull a B in the class. On Thursday I have my Nutrition and my Stage Management final. I'm not too worried about either of those. Nutrition is a lot of common sense and common knowledge. And Stage Management is a lot of common sense and common knowledge for anyone who has ever been involved in a theater production.

I started looking online for a new apartment because my contract is up the end of June. Yes, two months is a long time, but it's going to fly by and I don't want to be stuck on the streets! I found a couple of places online, but even better, I found a few people (I should specify that they are females for when my parents read this!) that are looking for roommates. I've exchanged a few e-mails with them and things seem to be pretty good. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to meet them and see the apartment that I would be moving into!


Shannon and Ross said...

Sister! You got a blog. Good girl. Keep it updated, k?? :)

Stephanie Jensen said...

Caitlin! I love it! I'm going to read it everyday. Good luck with finals this week and pray that someday very soon EJ will be joining you at U of U (although we'll always be Cougar fans).